Comments from the Author

My primary focus on this blog site is to provide a step by step abridged version or summary of knowledge given to us by spiritual beings during the first half of the twentieth century; knowledge published in a book titled The Urantia Book.

I do this; not because I’m an authority on this book, but because I felt a calling to share my gift of seeing the big picture with both readers and non-readers. It is my hope that these papers will help knowledgeable readers provide an easy to understand sketch of the book to non-readers and to those who are just starting out. For those who have never heard of The Urantia Book, It is my hope the blog site will inspire people to read the book we all play an important role in God’s plans.

We will begin by looking at the following subjects in the order shown:

  • The physical makeup of the Master Universe.
  • The forces at work in the universe.
  • The lost history of our planet, which is called Urantia.
  • The mission and teachings of Jesus.
  • And finely, the ascension journey itself; where we go and the training we receive as we prepare to be in our Father’s presence.

We will also look at the current age as it relates to the book. According to the beings who gave us The Urantia Book, the gap between our spiritual values and our scientific advancements are out of kilter and if this doesn’t change and change quickly, the world as we know it will return to another dark age. This does not mean extermination, for our planet has a very special Creator Son, one who made a promise that he intends to keep, but before he can fulfill his promise, we need to grow up spiritually!


Points to Consider

  1. In some of the papers I will use quotes from The Urantia Book and from other source materials. I will also share my thoughts. However, please don’t take my thoughts as the complete Truth. The TRUTH is for you, the reader, to discover.
  2. It’s important to say up front that The Urantia Book does not set forth another “Authoritative Religion.” Rather it emphasizes an internal one-on-one connection (religion) with the Eternal Father: The word religion comes from the Latin ligare, which means “to bind or connect.”
  3. Ninety percent of the book provides knowledge previously known but lost, misinterpreted, or destroyed; only ten percent is actually new knowledge. The destruction of temples and artifacts in the middle-east today exemplifies this point.
  4. The Urantia Book is not an easy read. Detailed and complex; the four-part book contains words seldom heard or spoken. It is also filled with details and concepts that are multifaceted and difficult to keep track of, let alone comprehend.
  5. I have read The Urantia Book four times. I’ve studied it with other readers for many years and I’ve been a study group leader. What I’ve found is that every time I delve into the book, I learn something new.

In conclusion, I encourage all readers to share their thoughts and I am open to contributing authors . What I will not accept are scams, degrading or nasty comments, and anything of a sexual nature.

Enjoy and God Bless