EPOCH – Planetary Mortal Epochs

What is an Epoch?

An epoch is an unspecified period of time during which an age of spiritual enlightenment takes place on a planet. It generally begins with the planetary mission of a divine nature, and it ends with a dispensation.

According to the spiritual beings who gave us The Urantia Book, on a normal planet seven epochs appear over the course of its history, beginning with the seeding of mortal life and ending with the settled age of Light and Life.

Normal Course of Events on a Planet

  1. Seeding of life by the Life Carriers, followed by a period during which primitive man’s quest for food is the primary focus.
  2. Arrival of a Planetary Prince and his staff; after which the focus turns to individual, family, and clan security.
  3. The arrival of a Material Son and Daughter; followed by a period during which mortals use newfound leisure time to seek personal comfort.
  4. Arrival of a Magisterial Son; followed by the development of knowledge and wisdom.
  5. The arrival of a Bestowal Son, followed by a period during which mortals focus more of their attention on ethics and thoughtful judgment.
  6. Arrival of a Teacher Son, followed by a period during which mortals seek spiritual satisfactions and cosmic understanding.
  7. The arrival of the age of Light and Life, during which the blend of human accomplishments produces cosmic unity and unselfish service.

Course of Events on our Planet

Our planet has not followed the normal pattern of spiritual evolution. According to The Urantia Book, epoch two and three set us back due to the Lucifer Rebellion and, as of yet, we have not received a Magisterial Son. We will be dealing with each of these epochs in due course.

Here is my take: I believe The Urantia Book is either a replacement for, or a precursor to, the coming of a Magisterial Son. I deduce this because, in my eyes (mind), the book deliverers lost knowledge out of which comes wisdom. In addition, before the arrival of a Teacher Son, our spiritual values must rise up to be in line with our scientific and material accomplishments and this will come with spiritual wisdom.

The details of this and more will be presented in the blog posts. I encourage comments and contributions from readers of The Urantia Book. For those who have not read the book, I hope my blogs will encourage you to pick it up and join or start a study group in your area.

Terry A. Degner; author, blogger, and seeker of truth, beauty, and goodness.