Melchizedek – The Priest of Elyon – The Most High

Melchizedek Sons Revisited

The Melchizedek sons are the highest order of the Local Universe Sons. They deal both individually or collectively with practical procedures within the Local Universe. When needed, they are commissioned to preside over special, extraordinary, and emergency situations. They can do this in spirit or physical form at the Planet, Local System, Constellation, and Local Universal level.

Melchizedek History on our Planet

The Melchizedek sons have played key roles on our planet over the millenniums. This includes:

  1. A corps of twelve served in conjunction with the life Carriers as they went about planting life on our planet.
  2. A corps of twelve became receivers (overseers) for our world shortly after the Lucifer Rebellion. This continued until the arrival of Adam and Eve.
  3. This same corps returned upon the default of Adam and Eve and continued until Jesus became the titular Planetary Prince of our planet.
  4. 1973 BC, the receivers, sent one of their own in the flesh to achieve two tasks: to keep alive the truth of the one God and to prepare the way for the arrival of Jesus.

The Priest of Elyon – The Most High

Due to the admixing of Adam’s blood with the human races, mankind gained intellectually but lost ground spiritually. For this reason, the receivers made the decision to materialize one of their own to prepare the human race for the arrival of Jesus.

His name was Machiventa Melchizedek and he arrived on our planet as an adult and without fanfare.  At six foot, he possessed a commanding presence, but his body did not carry human life-plasm. While here, he never married, nor did he have children and ninety-four years later he left the way he came.

When asked about what he did, Machiventa said; “I am Melchizedek, the priest of El Elyon, the Most High, the one and only God.” From that time on, he became known as the Sage of Salem.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. El Elyon is the sovereign of our Constellation and he resides on the headquarters world of our Constellation.

“Melchizedek taught the concept of one God, a universal Deity, but he allowed the people to associate this teaching with the Constellation Father of Norlatiadek, whom he termed El Elyon — the Most High…To a majority of the Salem students Edentia was known as heaven and the Most High was God.”

Based on this, it appears that Melchizedek did not introduce his rank and file students to anything beyond our Constellation. He did this, we are told, because he found that he could teach his students only what they had the “capacity to receive and assimilate.” Keep in mind, the average life span of an individual in those days was in the thirties and education, as we know it, didn’t exist. More importantly, printing did not exist, so it was easy to lose a new doctrine from one generation to another.

A Student Named Abraham

The Abraham in Genesis, was a shrewd and efficient business man. He was not overly pious, but he did believe in Melchizedek’s teachings. Once Abraham surrendered his personal ambitions, he became one of Melchizedek’s prized students. He initiated the tradition of tithing by giving ten percent of his wealth to the school.  Subsequently he encouraged others into doing the same. Towards the end of Melchizedek’s mission over one-hundred thousand were regular tithers.

But, he had his flaws. By nature, Abraham had a warrior spirit. In the early years, he spent much of his time conquering his neighbors. That’s how he became wealthy. This began to change when he realized that he didn’t have a son to pass his wealth onto. Knowing this, Melchizedek swayed him into taking Sara as his wife and she later gave birth to Isaac. Thereafter, Abraham settled down and became one of the best at passing the concept of a monotheistic God—the El Elyon, to his children.

Regrettably, the Genesis narratives of his three descendants are far more reliable than those about Abraham. For example, Abraham wasn’t as old as the records indicate and Sara was much younger.  Also, Abraham believed Melchizedek’s teachings but only halfheartedly. Indeed, after Melchizedek left, he resorted back to some of the barbarous practices of the times, especially sacrifices.

The changes came about due to both intended and in some cases unintended scriptural alterations made by the Hebrew priests during the Babylonian captivity.

Nordan the Kenite

However, Abraham was not the most brilliant student. That honor went to Nordan the Kenite and his band of earnest students. Due to their great desire for truth and their virtuosity, Melchizedek expanded his teachings to include our Superuniverse and Havona. It appears that he did not include the other six superuniverses. Nor did he include the Isle of Paradise where we have been told, the one true God resides. Does this mean that even Nordon’s capacity to “receive and assimilate” had limitations? Of course. Even today, with our higher learning, books, computers, telescopes, and space ships we too have limits to what we can “receive and assimilate”.

So, who was Nordan and how did he fit into the big picture? Norton was the forefather of Moses and it was Moses who brought the Israelite’s back to the one true God. But again, much of what Moses taught the Israelite’s changed with their captivity in Babylon. Had Melchizedek’s message not been changed so greatly, there’s a good chance Jesus would not have been crucified and, as we will latter see, his message would have changed the course of human history for the better.

Moving on, we’ll look into the Life and Times of Jesus. Until we meet again, God bless each and every reader.

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