Second Garden of Eden

Eden and the Second Garden

The First Garden of Eden lasted for just over one hundred years, whereas the Second Garden of Eden grew and thrived for close to thirty thousand years. In fact, some sixteen thousand years after the deaths of Adam and Eve, their descendants numbered close to four and a half million. And that’s after millions of the progeny had already left and amalgamated with the surrounding peoples. How do those numbers relate to the initial mission of waiting until the offspring numbered one million? I think the numbers speak for themselves.

Education and the Arts

While still alive, Adam put his focus on training his children and their associates. The training included civil administration, educational methods, and religious devotions. After his death, his descendants produced the third alphabet and laid the foundation for what would later become modern art, science, and literature. They also maintained many of the crafts from the First Gardens, things like the arts of writing, metalworking, pottery making, and weaving. In addition, the Adamites built architectural structures; structures unsurpassed for thousands of years.

Physical Feature of the Adamites

As noted before, a violet hue emanated from Adam’s person. The hue came from a dual intake of energy and light circulation. Unlike their parents, the offspring, although endowed with superphysical energies, had a blood circulation system like humans. It should also be noted that Adam and his offspring had blue eyes, fair complexions, and yellow, red, or brown hair. These features would later play a role in the physical transformation of at least one of the six colored races.

Religious Teachings

As for religion, the religion of their day would surpass the religion of today. Seth, Adam’s firstborn son in the Second Garden, founded the Sethite priesthood. Sethite concepts of deity and the universe were advanced and accurate. Their religious teachings also included health and “their methods of education have never since been surpassed.”

Home Life in the Second Garden

Home training for the Adamite children included courses in agriculture, craftsmanship, and animal husbandry. Some studied the threefold Sethite undertakings: to be a priest, physician, and teacher. During those times, home life for both parent and child was the envy of the surrounding communities.

Is Our Planet Moving Towards The Age of Light and Life?

This ends the biography of Adam and Eve: “a story of trial, tragedy, and triumph for our rebellion-tossed and evil-harassed world.” The celestial beings tell us that  Adam and Eve did end up making some great contributions. They also wrote, “Adam entertained the thought that our strife-torn planet just might turn out to the the most fortunate world in the entire system and the envied planet of all Nebadon.” If that is indeed the case, are we even now in the process of making rapid strides to the age of Light and Life?

As I see it, we have much to thank Adam and Eve for, but we need to be watchful and mindful that we “do not lower our biological standards,” for in so doing we may lose the gift they so lovingly gave us. Other issues like materialism, self-liberty, institutionalized religion, and nationalism, to mention a few, must also evolve if rapid strides are to continue. In time, we will look at those issues and more.

Next week we will take up where we left off with the migration of the races and the important role both the eighth and ninth races played throughout the world.


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