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Gabriel is a Trinity Son of Paradise and of the order of the Faithful of Days and he serves under the direction of Immanuel. He is the chief executive and administrator of Nebadon (our local universe) and the Father Melchizedek is Gabriel’s first assistant. Whenever Michael is absent Gabriel is the regent of our local universe. During those times, Gabriel always seeks the counsel of Immanuel regarding all major problems.

Christ Michael Incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth

Christ Michael

The Creator Son of our Local Universe is known throughout the Master Universe as Christ Michael. The forename came about shortly after he completed his seventh bestowal on our planet. We knew him as Jesus Christ of Nazareth and after leaving us the Eternal Father conferred upon him the title of Supreme Sovereign of Nebadon. Nebadon is one of seven hundred thousand Local Universes throughout the Seven Superuniverses.

What is a Bestowal?

Simply put, a bestowal is a mission of transference to the likeness of another. Each of the more than seven hundred thousand Creator Sons throughout the Seven Superuniverses took an oath to complete seven bestowals at differing intervals while designing and creating their Local Universe. To carry out the mission, they incarnate themselves in the likeness of one of their created intelligent creatures. The Melchizedek entrusted with the task of presenting this narrative, put it this way:

“To live such identical lives as he imposes upon the intelligent beings of his own creation, thus, to bestow himself in the likeness of his various orders of created beings, is a part of the price which every Creator Son must pay for the full and supreme sovereignty of his self-made universe of things and beings”

A Bestowal’s Purpose

The Creator Sons go through the mission for two very important reasons. First, it allows them to experience first-hand what their diverse intellectual creations go through. Second, they gain knowledge of the essential guidelines of co-operating with the Paradise Trinity in all matters pertaining to time and space. This includes their role in assisting God the Supreme achieve his objectives.

Michael’s Seven Bestowals

The seven bestowals Michael completed prior to becoming our Supreme Sovereign:

  1. Melchizedek son – emergency corps
  2. Primary Lanonandek Son – System Sovereign
  3. Secondary Lanonandek Son – Planetary Prince
  4. Seraphim -a seraphic teaching counselor assigned to a Trinity Teacher Son
  5. Ascending mortal Spirit on our Superuniverse headquarters world
  6. Ascending Morontia mortal on the Constellation worlds
  7. The life of a mortal from birth to adulthood

The first six bestowals will not be covered in this paper. But, it’s important to point out one thing. In all six bestowals, another personality accompanied Michael to the bestowal planet to present his credentials to the planetary authorities. This did not occur in the seventh bestowal. Instead, Gabriel presented Michael’s credentials to Elisabeth, John the Baptist’s mother, and to Mary, Jesus’ mother. He did this because the Lucifer Rebellion left our planet without recognized planetary authorities.

Preparations for the Seventh and Final Bestowal

Out of the almost one million mortal inhabited planets in Michael’s universe, he chose our planet for his final bestowal. Why is unknown, but one can surmise that the circumstances surrounding our disordered and disturbed planet presented the challenge he desired to truly experience the difficulties his children face every day. From this, comes mercy.

Michael did not journey here without proper planning. First, Gabriel scouted our planet looking for a location, people practicing monotheism, and parents who would be ideally suited to raise him during his early years. These are the years a child needs love, attention, encouragement, and mental stimulation.

Jesus arrived on our planet with Michae’ls personality but he lacked self-conscience knowledge of his divine identity and he had no celestial backings. All energy-matter systems receive a unique personality from the Eternal Father. But, personality is changeless and difficult to define. Whereas, identity or character comes from experience. It is recognizable and changeable. When Jesus, after death, appeared to his disciples, they recognized him because of what he said and how he said it. In other words, they knew his identity.

Second, Michael handed over the viceregent administrative responsibilities to his elder brother and Paradise counselor, Immanuel. Immanuel, put together a Bestowal Commission and from this came many assurances and objectives. For time sake, we will only look at a few of the objectives.

For instance, avoid all entanglements with economics and politics, devote yourself to living the ideal religious life, do not interfere with the progressive evolution of the races but do leave an improved system of positive religious ethics, leave no writings, avoid the formal establishment of an organized cult or a crystallized religion, and form no marriage relationship.

What’s Coming Next?

In the next paper, we will begin to look at The Life and Teachings of Jesus. However, I will not be getting into his life in depth. For many readers of the Urantia Book, the story of Jesus Christ is not only the easiest read but the most enjoyable. Unlike the New Testament, it’s not about Jesus, it is Jesus’ actual thoughts and teachings, along with the circumstances surrounding his daily life while on our planet.  I will provide an outline of his spiritual evolution up to and including his baptism. In addition, we will look at the prime messages he brought to our troubled planet and explain why they were changed.  I strongly urge you to read Part IV in the Urantia Book and I’d love to hear your thoughts.