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When a planet evolves into the seventh and final epoch this is called the age of Light and Life. By the time this takes place, one language, one religion, and one race is the norm. Disease has not been entirely vanquished; hospitals still exist to treat accidental injuries and the infirmities of old age. In the advanced stages, poverty, degeneracy, insanity, and delinquency have virtually disappear. Science, art, and industry flourish; economic life becomes ethical. War has long since passed; there are no armies or police forces. Government has gradually faded in inverse proportion to morality and spirituality. The average lifespan is three hundred years and physical death does not take place. Instead, the soul is fused with the Father Fragment and together they ascend on the journey to the Eternal Father.

Local Universe Children

Who are the Local Universe Children of a Creator Son and Mother Spirit?

The father and mother concept as we understand it begins at the Local Universe Level. There, the Creator Son and Mother Spirit give birth to Local Universe Children, who go on to serve at different levels throughout their domain.  This does not mean birth in the way we understand it; “create” might be a better word.

Some of their Local Universe Children reside and function exclusively on the Local Universe worlds; others are on the Constellation worlds and still others on the Local System Worlds. Especially relevant to mortals are the many children who serve on the inhabited planets. As you will see, one such son and daughter are material at birth. Not only that, they train and live on their own planet, and when called upon, they appear in the flesh on an inhabited planet. Other children are spirit energy forces who can transform into physical form, while still others stay spirit in form throughout their career. In this paper and in following papers, we will be looking at these children and the purpose they serve.

We’ll begin with the highest order of Local Universe Children, the one mentioned in the Bible and in other religious texts . . .


The Melchizedeks are a first order of the Local Universe Children. They occupy a world of their own near the Local Universe headquarters. Spirit in form, they can take on physical form in the likeness of mortals, as one did on our planet. His name was Machiventa Melchizedek. You can read about him in both the Old and the New Testaments as well as in several other documents, for instance the Dead Sea Scrolls. Also, his name appears in the Nag Hammadi library, which is a collection of Gnostic texts discovered near the Upper Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi in 1945.

The Melchizedeks are emergency sons. Due to the default of Adam and Eve, the human race had increased intellectually but lost ground spiritually. Because of this, the Melchizedeks volunteered to send Machiventa to our planet for the purpose of teaching the races about the one true God: the El Elyon.

On a normal planet, a Magisterial Son would have appeared. As I understand it, however, the Melchizedeks knew that the Creator Son (Jesus) had chosen our planet for his final bestowal. Thus, they reasoned that it was necessary for one of their own to re-establish the one true God concept before his arrival. To the Melchizedeks, this represented an emergency. So, 1,973 years before the birth of Jesus, Machiventa appeared on our planet as an adult and stayed for ninety-four years, during which time he neither married nor had children.

The one most affected by his teachings was Abraham, whose descendants went on to establish the Jewish faith.


The second order of the Local Universe Children are the Vorondadeks. Like the Melchizedeks, they are a self-governing body, but they do not equal the Melchizedeks in versatility. They are reliable and efficient rulers and administrators, but it is worth noting that they have been cited for errors from time to time.

Essentially, they serve as ambassadors to other universes, as consuls representing constellations, and as Most High Regents of planets. Because they are familiar with the political struggles and social upheavals of inhabited worlds, they also serve as historians.

Vorondadeks have little if any contact with mortals in the material worlds, so we’ll move on to the third order of sonship.


The Lanonandek sons are the most diverse order of the Local Universe Children. They serve as universe coordinators, constellation counselors, system sovereigns, planetary princes, messengers, custodians, recorders, and reserves.

They are a lower order of sonship, and thus they are of great service to mortals. However, they also stand in greater danger of going astray. We will be looking at a number of these sons in greater detail in later papers, but for now we’ll stick to the basics.

Our Local Universe began its existence with exactly twelve million Lanonandeks. Each Lanonandek received extensive training on the Melchizedek sphere. Tests later divided them into three classifications: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Lanonandeks.

Primary Lanonandeks

Primary Lanonandeks are assigned the high roles of local system sovereigns, assistants to the supreme councils of the constellations, and counselors in the higher administrative work of the Universe. Lucifer was the sovereign of our local system. I use the word “was” because he no longer holds that office.

Secondary Lanonandeks

Secondary Lanonandeks are assigned as planetary princes and to the reserves of that order. The powers that be chose Calagastia as our planetary prince. As you will learn when we get to the history of our planet, Calagastia sided with Lucifer. Thus, he  too no longer holds that position. As a result of his betrayal, he robbed subsequent generations of a well‑ordered society. However, for reasons not explained in The Urantia Book, he still resides on our planet, but he no longer has the power he once had.

Tertiary Lanonandeks

Tertiary Lanonandeks function as subordinate assistants, messengers, custodians, commissioners, and observers, and they prosecute the miscellaneous duties of a system and its component worlds. Satan was Lucifer’s assistant, and like Lucifer, he no longer holds that position. Currently they both reside on a planet in the Local Universe worlds, and there they will stay until adjudicated.

Material Sons and Daughters

The Material Sons and Daughters are the only Local Universe Children who procreate in a material way. They reside and grow in number on the headquarters world of a local system. When the time is right for a biological uplifting, they are dematerialized and transported to a mortal inhabited planet, where they are rematerialized.

Once there, they stay and rule until the planet reaches the age of Light and Life. Then, like mortals, they receive a Father Fragment and begin the ascension journey to Paradise.

It’s important to note that Material Sons and Daughters are immortal. However, if they default, their immortal status is withdrawn and they experience death like any mortal. The longevity of their offspring, on the other hand, decreases with each passing generation regardless of whether or not their parents defaulted.

These Material Sons and Daughters go by the name of Adam and Eve. Our planet’s Adam and Eve arrived 38,000 years ago. Before they completed their mission, however, they defaulted. As you will later see, some races did receive a partial biological uplifting, while others missed out completely.

We will look more closely at each of the sons when we get into the History of Urantia. In the next three papers, we’ll look at the Ministering Spirits of a Local Universe.