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“The very instant that God the Father and God the Son conjointly conceive an identical and infinite action — the execution of an absolute thought-plan — that very moment, the Infinite Spirit springs full-fledgedly into existence. Together the three are distinctly individualized but eternally associated persons, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit.”

The Infinite Spirit is the God of Action. For more on this read paper 8 in The Urantia Book.

The Third Person of Deity

The Infinite Spirit

The Infinite Spirit, also known as the Third Source and Center, the Third Person of Deity, and the Conjoint Actor, is the Qualified Absolute I AM of Action. What the Father requests, the Son reveals and the Infinite Spirit delivers.

Interestingly, the Infinite Spirit’s actions liberate the Father and the Son from the bonds of Paradise. That said, however, the Father and Son do not personally go into the universes of time and space. This is left up to their spiritual subordinates. However, without the actions of the Infinite Spirit, there would be no physical universes and thus, no mortals.

How does the Infinite Spirit accomplish this?

The Infinite Spirit is the coordinator of all cosmic energy force, weaving the Paradise pattern into the energies of space. He has a unique power—antigravity—which allows him and his superpower associates to create and manipulate the physical universe using Paradise as the central source of energy and gravity. The Infinite Spirit has the power to slow down energy, which is how materialization takes place in the physical universe of time and space.

The spiritual beings who gave us this knowledge speculate that nether Paradise is the source of this power.  As a reminder, nether Paradise is the underside of the Isle of Paradise.

It is with this unique power that the material universes evolved, allowing the Father and Son, working individually or together, to create beings to serve as ministering spirits to the material creatures of time and space.

Mind is a bestowal of the Infinite Spirit

The Infinite Spirit is the all-powerful giver of mind (intellect) and the revealer of the Eternal Son’s mercy, both of which we will get into in more detail in later papers because they are an essential part of what it takes for the human soul to evolve.

Absolute in universal intelligence, the Infinite Spirit pervades the universe with cosmic mind through his Seven Master Spirits, which we will get into in later papers.

How? you might ask. Mind is not inherent within energy, but energy is receptive and responsive to mind. In other words, the Infinite Spirit superimposes mind upon energy, which he controls and manipulates.

Infinite mind ignores time, whereas cosmic mind is conditioned by time. This is true also with space. The Infinite mind is independent of space where cosmic mind must deal with the limitations of space. Mind is not inherent within energy, but energy is receptive and responsive to mind.

To learn more about the actions of the Infinite Spirit, read Paper 9 in The Urantia Book. But I will say, in closing, that the Third Source and Center is personally conscious of every mind in the universe through mind-gravity circuits, so be careful about what’s on your mind.

In the next paper, we’ll look at the remaining three Absolutes.