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An astronomic and administrative segment of the inhabited universe that contains approximately on trillion inhabitable planets. Currently, there are seven inhabited superuniverses in the grand universe. We live in the superuniverse of Orvonton, whose capital is Uversa.

The Seven Superuniverses

A Brief Description of the Seven Superuniverses

According to The Urantia Book, there are Seven Superuniverses circling Paradise in the space level beyond the Central Universe.  Within each superuniverse there are up to one trillion inhabited worlds. Before we get into breaking our superuniverse down, we’ll spend some time looking at dark matter.

Dark Matter

As written in the paper on the Central Universe, dark gravity belts are on both the inner and outer edge of Havona. It is not, however, what we think of as dark matter. Instead, it is material unlike anything in the universe, and it exhibits both circular and linear gravity.

Dark Islands of Space

“Dark Islands of Space are the dead suns and other large aggregations of matter devoid of light and heat. The dark islands are sometimes enormous in mass and exert a powerful influence in universe equilibrium and energy manipulation. The density of some of these large masses is well-nigh unbelievable. And this great concentration of mass enables these dark islands to function as powerful balance wheels, holding large neighboring systems in effective leash. They hold the gravity balance of power in many constellations; many physical systems which would otherwise speedily dive to destruction in near-by suns are held securely in the gravity grasp of these guardian dark islands. It is because of this function that we can locate them accurately. We have measured the gravity pull of the luminous bodies, and we can therefore calculate the exact size and location of the dark islands of space which so effectively function to hold a given system steady in its course.” UB Paper 15

The Seven Superuniverses

Between the dark matter and the physical universes lies a body of unpervaded space that has little, if any, motion, energy, or material particles with which to create material bodies.

On the outer edge of unpervaded space and circling counterclockwise around Paradise are the Seven Superuniverses. Each Superuniverse has up to one trillion inhabited planets with mortal life forms who have the potential to ascend to Paradise and the Eternal Father.

Superuniverse Number Seven – Our Superuniverse

Our planet is in the last of the Seven Superuniverses to form. Its name is Orvonton. The headquarters world of Orvonton is Uversa.

Uversa is an Architectural Sphere. Architectural Spheres are beautiful, and the atmosphere and lighting is always constant and comfortable. They have highlands, unique variations of topography, thousands of small lakes, and natural states. Rugged mountain ranges, earthquakes, rainfalls, and storms do not exist. All headquarter worlds and the spheres circling them are architectural in design. Furthermore, the closer they are to the Central Universe, the more beautiful they become.

Major Sectors – 10

Like all superuniverses, Orvonton has 10 Major Sectors. Splandon is our Major Sector, and the Milky Way is at its core. From earth we can see eight of the ten sectors but not the other two because of the curvature of space. We cannot see, nor will we ever see, the other superuniverses.

Minor Sectors – 100

Each Major Sector contains 100 Minor Sectors. Our Minor Sector is Ensa, and the headquarters world is Uminor the Third.

Local Universes – 100

Each Minor Sector has 100 Local Universes. Our Local Universe is Nebadon, and the headquarters world is Salvington.

Constellations – 100

Within each Local Universe, there are 100 Constellations. Our Constellation is Norlatiadek, and the headquarters world is Edentia.

Local Systems – 100

Within each Constellation there are 100 Local Systems. Our Local System is Satania, and the headquarters world is Jerusem.

Mortal Life Inhabited Worlds – 1000

Within each Local System there are up to 1000 Life Inhabited Worlds with mortals and other beings who have the potential to make the ascension journey.

Our system is still growing. Currently there are six hundred and nineteen inhabited planets. Our planet, called Urantia, was the 606th planet to attain mortal life forms with the potential for soul growth.

In conclusion, there are many other worlds out there that serve a special purpose. I will be getting into these in more detail in papers having to do with the ascension journey itself.

In the next paper we’ll briefly look at the outer space levels.