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1. The material, spiritual, mindal, and gravity center of the entire universe. 2. The actual home of the Paradise Father, the First Source and Center of all things and beings. 3. The location of the Trinity.

Isle of Paradise-God’s House

Paradise is the dwelling place of the First Source and Center

Paradise is located at the very core of the universe, yet it is not a physical part of the universe. It is flat and elliptical in shape and without time or space. It is made of a homogenous material substance unlike any in the material world of time and space. And, as you will soon learn, there are no physical bodies in all of space that come even close to it in size. Lastly, it is stationary—without motion.

There are three surface areas on Paradise: Upper, Peripheral, and Nether Paradise.


Upper Paradise is where most of the activity takes place. There are three grand spherical domains on this surface: the Deity Sphere, the Most Holy Sphere, and the Holy Area.

Deity Sphere is in the center. This is where the Father, Son, and the Infinite Spirit reside. The Father resides in the center, surrounded by the sphere of the Son, followed by the Infinite Spirit.

Most Holy Sphere is wholly spiritual and reserved exclusively for the functions of worship and high spiritual attainment. There are no structures within this vast domain, yet it is lovely beyond description and pervaded with spiritual energy beyond explanation.

Holy Area is where the many Paradise citizens and ascending spirits reside. There are seven concentric zones in the Holy Area. Paradise citizens and visiting natives from Havona occupy the first zone, while the ascendant beings from the Seven Superuniverses reside in the second.

The Holy Area consists of seven immense divisions. These divisions are reserved for future ascendant beings, including those from universes yet to be constructed. The current number of residential units take up only one per cent of the Holy Area, leaving plenty of room for those yet to come.


According to The Urantia Book, the Peripheral side of Paradise is like the edge of a coin, and as mentioned in the previous paper, the physical universes of time and space are a horizontal extension of the Peripheral side. This gives us a better understanding of just how large Paradise is.

Although space does not touch Paradise, unpervaded space does come close at various locations on the Peripheral side. These locations are landing pads for incoming and outgoing traffic. This and the other space idiosyncrasies factor into space respiration and the stabilization of physical gravity.


Nether Paradise is the underside or the opposite surface area of Upper Paradise. Spiritual entities, including the Triune Deity, do not reside on or visit this surface. For this reason, we are unable to provide any details.

All physical-energy and cosmic-force circuits have their origin on Nether Paradise, which consists of three zones: the zone of infinity, an unnamed zone, and the outer zone.

Zone of Infinity: located directly under the Deity Spheres, its purposes and those of the unnamed zone are unknown.

Outer Zone appears to have something to do with the primordial force-charge of space, but it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the Triunity. Additional details were provided, but its actual function remains somewhat of a mystery.

This concludes my very simplified version of the physical Isle of Paradise. It does not include the twenty-one deity spheres circling the isle, which direct the energy forces necessary for creating and managing time and space. Perhaps we’ll delve into this in more detail, but for now we must move on to a physical description of Havona. See you in the next paper.