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“THE Eternal Son is the perfect and final expression of the “first” personal and absolute concept of the Universal Father. Accordingly, whenever and however the Father personally and absolutely expresses himself, he does so through his Eternal Son, who ever has been, now is, and ever will be, the living and divine Word. And this Eternal Son is residential at the center of all things, in association with, and immediately enshrouding the personal presence of, the Eternal and Universal Father.” The son is the source of all spiritual energy in the universe.

For more on this read paper 6 in The Urantia Book.

God’s Eternal and Original Son

The Second Source and Center

The Divine Counselor who gave us the paper about the Eternal Son made the following comment:

“It is impossible for me to convey to the human mind any adequate idea of the eternal relations of the Deities; therefore do I employ such terms as will afford the finite mind something of an idea of the relationship of these eternal beings in the subsequent eras of time. We believe the Son sprang from the Father; we are taught that both are unqualifiedly eternal. It is apparent, therefore, that no time creature can ever fully comprehend this mystery of a Son who is derived from the Father, and yet who is co-ordinately eternal with the Father himself.” UB Paper 6:0.4

Eternal Son – Like the Father, A Qualified Absolute

Additional titles for the Son include the Second Source and Center, the Second Person of Deity, and the Eternal and Original Son. The son’s personality is the absolute reality of the I AM. It is the foundation, the standard, of Father Love, and his spirit is limitless.

The Son is also the source of all spiritual energy in the universe, and the core of his character is mercy. The Father’s Love is the source of the son’s love, and out of this comes the ministry of mercy to the lowly creatures of time and space—mercy is the Father’s love in action, a process transmitted through the many spiritual beings in the universe.

Unlike the Father, however, the Eternal Son, cannot distribute his selfhood upon others, but he does bathe all creation with his unlimited spiritual energy, and like a magnet, he draws all spiritual realities back to himself.

The statement “He who has seen the Son has seen the Father” is indeed true, but the Eternal Son does not personally function in the world of time and space.

Creator Son

The writer was referring to the Creator Son of our Local Universe; not the Eternal Son. This is where the Eternal Son’s spiritual energy comes into play. The Father initiates thought, and the Eternal Son expresses his word through the Creator Sons to the creatures of the inhabited worlds. All Local Universes have a Creator Son, and they all go by the name of Michael. Our Creator Son goes by the name of Christ Michael. We knew him as Jesus, which is a subject for numerous upcoming papers.

For a more detailed description of the Eternal Son, I strongly recommend reading Paper 6 in the Urantia Book. In the next paper we’ll look at the Infinite Spirit; otherwise known as the Third Source and Center.