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Havona is made up of one billion perfected worlds circling paradise.

God’s Perfect Universe

Havona, Heaven, or Both – God’s Perfect Universe

What we call Heaven, The Urantia Book calls Havona. It also goes by the name of the Central Universe. The Central Universe circles clockwise around Paradise and its twenty-one sacred spheres of associated activities.

Stepping back for a moment, unpervaded space encircles Paradise, but it doesn’t actually touch it. This is followed by a midspace zone and then a pervaded space zone within which the twenty-one deity spheres circle.

At the outer edge of this zone is quiet space followed by the beginnings of the Havona pervaded space zone. Within this zone is a zone of dark matter that screens Havona from Paradise and the deity spheres.

Havona – What and Where?

Within God’s Perfect Universe, there are seven concentric circuits moving around Paradise in an elliptical manner.  Within these circuits there are one billion worlds, with the greatest number in the outer circuits.

Again, dark gravity bodies circle the outer edge of the Central Universe, screening it from the next space level: the Seven Superuniverses.

Unlike the Isle of Paradise, time and space exist in the Central Universe, but time is reckoned differently than it is in our universe. While it takes our planet one billion years to circle the Central Universe, Havona completes its journey around Paradise in seven minutes less than one thousand years.

Material Makeup of The Central Universe

The material that makes up the Central Universe worlds consists of one thousand basic chemical elements, whereas there are only ninety-four natural chemical elements on Earth, plus twenty-four synthetic elements.

Also, the energy charge in Havona is threefold, compared to the twofold charge in our Superuniverses. In addition, the natives of Havona respond to forty-nine sensory stimuli. In our universe there are the five traditional human senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing.

There are other human senses, such as nociception, equilibrioception, kinaesthesia, and thermoception, but even if these are added, it still doesn’t come close to the forty-nine in Havona.

Havona is also physically stable; it is the perfect pattern for all evolving universes. There are no weather conditions or floods or volcanic eruptions to worry about. The temperature is stable; light is both constant and nondisruptive, and only about one per cent of its capacity is in use.

It is also the power nucleus for future universe expansion, which implies, for me, a transition in the making, which I’ll get to in a later paper.

This is one of my shorter papers. The next one is about the perfecting worlds, and imperfection is always in greater need of evaluation.