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“The Architects of the Master Universe are the governing corps of the Paradise Transcendentalers. This governing corps numbers 28,011 personalities possessing master minds, superb spirits, and supernal absonites. The presiding officer of this magnificent group, the senior Master Architect, is the co-ordinating head of all Paradise intelligences below the level of Deity.” UB Paper 31 Section 9

Outer Space and the Master Architects

There are four concentric elliptical outer space levels beyond the Seven Superuniverses, each separated by semi-quiet zones.

The fourth and final level has a known outer edge. What will take place when the fourth level has fully attained the age of Light and Life is unknown to the spiritual beings who gave us this knowledge.

The Grand Universe plus the four space levels is called the Master Universe.

The Four Outer Space Levels

Quiet Zone: roughly four hundred thousand light years across and “free of stardust – cosmic fog.”

  1. First or Primary Outer Space Level

    Level one flows clockwise. This level is in the beginning stage of materializing and it is one hundred times the width of our Superuniverse or fifty million light years across. This level has seventy assigned Master Architects. Our seven Superuniverses have seven Master Architects, one for each Superuniverse. Does this mean that outer space level one, when completed, will have seventy Superuniverses?

Quiet Zone: “free of stardust – cosmic fog,” distance across not given.

  1. Second or Secondary Outer Space Level

    Level two flows counterclockwise. This level has four hundred and ninety assigned Master Architects. There is physical activity underway some fifty million light years from the activities in the first level.

Quiet Zone: “free of stardust – cosmic fog,” distance across not given.

  1. Third or Tertiary Outer Space Level

    Level three flows clockwise. This level has three thousand four hundred and twenty assigned Master Architects.

Quiet Zone: “free of stardust – cosmic fog,” distance across not given.

  1. Fourth or Quartan Outer Space Level

    Level four flows counterclockwise. This level has twenty-four thousand and ten assigned Master Architects.

The Unknown and Beyond »

The spiritual beings who gave us this knowledge do not know what will happen after the fourth space level reaches Light and Life. Some suggest that space growth will end at the fourth level and a new adventure will ensue. What that adventure will be, they don’t know, and they did not venture to guess.

Based on the above description of outer space, can we also assume that each Master Architect is representative of one Superuniverse? Furthermore, can we assume that the number of planets supporting mortal life forms will increase significantly?

This is my guess. When the Seven Superuniverses reach perfection, our space level will suddenly turn into another Havona.


Due to the ever-increasing number of Outer Space Superuniverses (27,990), more room will be needed to handle the ever-increasing number of ascending mortals. Is it possible that Havona will become one with Paradise? Has this process been going on since the beginning of time?

This ends the papers on the physical universe. Next we will be taking a look at the forces at work in the universe.